Importance of Reputation Marketing

Search Engine OptimizationThe internet has changed how consumers find and choose products or services now days. As a business there are 2 factors on getting business online. As a given, you need to have a website, but people won’t find you with just a website. Websites need to be ranked at the top of Google. The best way to do this is with SEO or Search Engine Optimization in Colorado Springs. The other factor of importance is Reputation Marketing for business.


Search engine optimization is about optimizing the website and making it important and relevant to the subject searched, so that Google can rank it as high as possible. But this will only get the site so far. Offline optimization has to be done. This is a process that is changing all the time. It is virtually impossible for a company to do it themselves, while focusing on on their core business, like a roofing company.

Reputation Marketing

When consumers look for a product or service online, they want to find the most reliable product or service in their area. They want to know that whatever they buy, that they will get a great product or service that they are spending money on. People look for both the quantity of reviews and 5 star quality of the reviews. If a company has 10 or more 5 star reviews with no negative reviews, a consumer will most likely Choose that company over someone else, because a lot of other people had a great experience.